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Cloud-Based Recording Systems

October 2016

Capturing all the voice and screen activity of agents is essential to analyze and drill down operating results, as well as to develop successful customer engagement strategies.

Three Benefits of Surveys for Your Business

APRIL 2015

For companies seeking to improve their game on a constant basis it is fundamental to become acquainted with their industry. No matter their expertise field, what helps them to remain relevant is learning about their competitors, the latest consumer trends, and the preferences of both their prospects and clients.

Self-service Applications for Reducing Customer Effort


The experience provided to customers is one of the main factors to which businesses need to pay attention in 2016. In order to offer consistently good services, it is of the essence to implement a strategy that covers a wide variety of contact channels capable of delivering useful information on demand and through the most innovative ways.

The Importance of Revamping Your Contact Center


According to some studies, contact centers with unified multichannel communication capabilities are a trend that continues to grow at a rapid pace. In 2015 the use of digital technologies, mobile applications, social networks, and SMS broadcasts increased by up to 20 percentage points, in comparison to 2014.

Technology and Business Trends in 2016


As 2015 comes to an end, the trends in business prove that technology driven strategies is what will bring companies closer to both their current and prospective clients by not only enhancing their communication methods, but also developing profitable interaction models.

How Can Data Leakages Be Prevented?


Data leakage prevention (DLP) strategies require companies to develop well thought out information classification systems and risk based plans applicable to all their in house departments.

Cloud Computing as a Service for Customers


Cloud computing is a digital solution whose advanced data management models are capable of improving the service quality of companies.

Digital Technology in Companies


At this moment in time, an increasingly large number of companies search for technological solutions that streamline their operations and help them to keep pace with the latest trends in customer interaction, thereby remaining competitive in a world brought together by the digital era.

Security for Companies


In today’s world, where technology changes and improves on a daily basis, the use of the Internet and ITs is a must for companies. However, these resources also go hand in hand with certain risks when it comes to computer security, since they are constantly vulnerable to data leakages, which are imperceptible in a large number of cases.

SMS and Voice Broadcasting as a Tool in Debt Collection


The debt collection industry is revamping itself through the use of technology, namely of the increasingly popular multichannel contact platforms.

Key Factors to Successful Debt Collection


In order to develop efficient business strategies, collectors are required to take into account the fundamental and integral aspects of their companies that can achieve high contact ratios and recovery rates.

Contact Centers and the Digital Customer Experience


As shown by the latest trends in customer assistance practices, the main factor that differentiates a company from its competitors is the experience it provides to the people who buy its offerings and hire its services.

Multichannel Infrastructure in Smart Cities


Since a few years now, the “smart cities” concept has become increasingly popular in the domain of public policies and the models of interaction between governments and citizens.

Identify Your Internal Clients and Build a Loyal Workforce

JULY 2015

Every time we hear the word ‘clients’, the first thing that springs to our mind is the people who hire our solutions or buy our products. As a result, we seldom relate such concept to our in house departments, or more specifically: our staff members.

Are You Well-prepared to Meet Clients’ Communication Preferences?

JULY 2015

At this moment in time, customers decide how to convey a message; they pick the means and the method. Therefore, companies are encouraged to develop and provide a multi-channel platform through which they can be reached promptly and effectively.

Do You Know How to Keep Your Internal and External Clients Loyal?

JULY 2015

Becoming familiar with your client portfolio’s needs is the key to providing each of them with personalized services and enhanced experiences, which consequently result in long-term business relationships and rock-solid brand loyalty.

Nuxiba Takes Part in Avaya Evolutions

JUNE 2015

This year, on June 23, Nuxiba, along with its wide variety of groundbreaking platforms, joined one of the most important events in Mexico’s technologic communications industry.

IP Telephony: Enhanced, Cost-effective Communication

JUNE 2015

Nowadays, the most advanced contact centers process calls traffic by means of data packets; i.e. voice signals are digitized and transmitted through Internet Protocol networks, thereby improving the reception quality and cutting costs derived from devices installation and analogue wiring.

Your Hands: Remote Controls of the Future

JUNE 2015

Can you imagine controlling a device without touching it? For instance, turning up the volume on your iPod or switching on your cellphone through mere finger motions?

IVR Systems Scope, First-class Customer Service

MAY 2015

The scope of IVR technologies has widen to such a large extent that nowadays it only takes a call for taxi cab service providers to know exactly where to send a driver without the need of a third party taking notes of passengers’ location and particulars.

Manual Dialing doesn’t = TCPA Compliance

APRIL 2015

TCPA is a big deal! A lot of organizations believe if they scrub the data and manual dial the cell phones they are complaint. Not really… When agents make that many calls manually they are bound to FAT FINGER (miss dial).

Cloud or On-site Platforms?

MARCH 2015

Would you like to be provided with a pay-per-use solution that enables you to access IT resources easily and immediately without purchasing, deploying, and managing infrastructure?

Call Recording, the Best Shield Available to Your Company and Clients


Every time clients turn to the customer service provided by contact centers, they meet on the other side of the line or screen with live or automated operators whose only resource to offer accurate resolutions is their voice, keyboard, or output along with context-specific scripts or settings.

Personalized Customer Service


Some time ago, calls recording systems appeared in the contact centers industry in response to the need of saving and backing up critical data shared during customer interactions; for instance: payment promises, arguments, sales agreements, testimonials, frauds, etc.

IVR Decision Trees Configuration Guidelines


The decision to build an automated attendant application is mainly driven by the fact that it proves to be cheaper in comparison to hiring a large number of agents; nonetheless, it must be aimed at not only cutting operating costs, but also reducing customer effort and delivering top level caller experiences.

Broadcast Messaging as a Tool in Advertising


Providing clients with new user experiences is a current trend. Broadcast messaging is a service whereby information can be sent and received on a large scale through mobile phones and Internet application settings. It has become an essential marketing strategy for instant communication and an alternative means for easy, reliable, direct, and innovative customer interaction.

Chat-based Customer Service: the Digital Contact Evolution


Have your clients listened to the message “We are currently experiencing heavy traffic on our lines, we apologize for any inconvenience” a considerable number of times? Have they travelled long distances in order to reach one of your branch offices? Have they complained about not having been provided with a more customized service? Have they outnumbered your agents?

We bet you answered “yes” to more than two of the aforesaid questions. One of the most innovative ways of assisting clients is via chat.

Reasons for Acquiring a Contact Center Platform


magine that your company is seeking to make and receive thousands of calls, launch a new product and spread the news among prospective clients, carry interviews in order to close deals, recover delinquent payments, follow up exclusive accounts, and promote sales.
In light of these scenarios, a contact center may be your best alliance. When stablishing it, you can abide by any of the options described hereunder.

Fraud Detection: A Security Guarantee for Your Company


In the contact centers world, calls recording is one of the main trends for following up accounts and detecting leads or threats. This tool can be deployed as a comprehensive analysis means by any business that seeks to protect its information.

Contact Centers: Debt Collection

JUNE 2014

The recovery of arrear accounts poses a problem for the vast majority of companies; however, executives of different sectors agree on the fact that the approach to such activity is a key factor for delivering both positive and negative results.

The Importance of Scripts in Call Centers

MAY 2014

Scripts are process-based guidelines that are handed to agents from complaints and suggestions, customer service, and technical support departments in order for them to serve each caller appropriately. These guidelines are based on telephone etiquette parameters and guarantee a high-quality service.

Call Management and Control in Contact Centers

APRIL 2014

The level of attention required by contact center calls is extremely high; therefore, it is advisable to monitor them in great detail and through profitable means. According to several statistics, a single agent, for instance, makes or answers around 100 calls every 6 hour period, thereby stressing the demanding goals and tasks of customer service providers.

Telephone Surveys: First-hand Information for Companies

MARCH 2014

A company’s success is measured by the achievement of its goals and the appropriate deployment of its resources, since both factors increase profits, generate a sustainable economic growth, and keep clients loyal.

Contact Center Training Courses


Contact centers that deploy specialized software for controlling their operation should run effective courses to instruct their agents, supervisors, and administrators in the handling of such technology. Otherwise the lack of expertise in all its tools and processes could hinder the staff’s objectives:

The Importance of Call Center Services in a Company's Operation


Call centers have helped many companies to improve their service, since they provide clients with the opportunity to solve any doubt from the comfort of their own home. The departments in which call centers have a larger market share and a higher demand are, among others, the following:

Bilingual Contact Centers


Nowadays contact centers from all around the world are embracing the concept of cultural awareness so as to improve the customer service they provide and be ahead of their competitors. By acknowledging that there is a large number of cities whose population is multicultural, contact centers can analyze demographics of different customer service users and, thereby, develop culturally-sensitive communication means for providing assistance in different languages.

Agent-client Communication, Can Your Staff Achieve It?


Communication skills are matters of the outmost importance when hiring a staff for call and contact centers. Therefore, it is convenient to develop constant courses aimed at promoting the enhancement of staff’s agent-client communication skills, given that they are of infinitely more advantage than they are generally thought to be. The features described hereunder have been acknowledged as key factors within agent client communication skills by the contact center industry.

Chat and Social Networks


In contact centers’ world, the tendency to provide service through means different from telephone, such as chat and social networks, spreads progressively.

Call Center vs. Contact Center


Although both concepts are used interchangeably, the difference between them is based on the services they provide.


Customer Service


Customer service is a key factor to a company’s prestige. Therefore, those who are in charge of communicating with clients must adequately cope with the day-to-day challenges inherent in said activity. Customer service is a complex task at times, thus it requires agents to have certain skills; they must meet a given profile so as to increase your business’ productivity and competitiveness by providing an excellent service in each call. Nuxiba presents 8 recommendations for providing your clients with a better service.


“Worn-out” Agents, the Burnout Syndrome

JULY 2013

Stress and the necessity of handling conflicts with external clients are constant features in the work environment of contact centers; therefore, a staff with skills to control such situations is required.


Real-time Monitoring

APRIL 2013

In every contact center, it is imperative to structurally and consistently analyze the results derived from clients’ phone calls, but more importantly to control operational processes in real time by means of reports and advanced systems aimed at offering accessible, simple, and graphical strategies based on a web environment so that supervisors verify the outcome of inbound and outbound calls, as well as agents’ current status minute by minute.


Increase your sales: quick answer and efficient dialing

MARCH 2013

For any contact center, regardless its size, it is basic to plan the actions that will guarantee the correct operation of the relationships between the enterprise and its customers.


Elements that influence customers’ contact


Contact level or customers prospectus, is a measurement that must be analyzed constantly, since the probabilities to increase the contact level that will lead to a successful management of the contact center depend on it; that is, the sale of the product or service, effective collection, apply surveys to evaluate the service or any other objective related to the business operation.